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What does Wedding Photography Cost Depend On?

What does Wedding Photography Cost Depend On?


Wedding! One of the most exciting and memorable days of your lifetime! But, the days before the wedding can be really tiresome with so much to plan and do. Organizing a wedding can be a cumbersome task. From choosing the venue to making the guest list, decorations to wedding dress, you want everything to be just perfect. Well, you surely need to hire a wedding photographer too. With so many efforts that go in wedding planning, you really need an expert photographer to capture the moments. You need to talk to different photographers for their Wedding Photography prices and packages. Compare these and the value addition they are offering before making a decision.

Having an idea of factors that affect cost of wedding photography will help you in better understanding the quotes you get. Here are few points that affect Wedding Photography prices and packages –

  • Hours – Most wedding photographer offer packages that include photography coverage for around 8 hours. If you are adding or reducing the amount of time you want the photographer around, the prices will change. So, before approaching a photographer, make a schedule of events on your wedding day and time when you will need a wedding photographer.
  • Events – Do you need the photographer just for the wedding ceremony? Or do you want the photographer to cover the reception, pre-wedding dinner and engagement also? If you want a photographer for multiple events of your wedding, going for a photographer who charges on hourly basis may cost more. Try to negotiate a per event deal instead of hourly charges.
  • Album – Though there is no limit on number of photographs taken in any wedding photography package, albums can bring in a change in the pricing. Most wedding packages offer a specific size photo album with predefined number of sheets. If you increasing the number of sheets in the album, the price will increase. If you do not want a printed album altogether, you can negotiate the price accordingly.
  • Location – If you require photographer to travel outside your city for the wedding, there may be extra charges involved. In case of destination weddings, cost of wedding photography also involves travel, food and accommodation costs. In case of destination weddings, couples sometimes prefer hiring a photographer from the wedding destination or the in-house resort photographer.

Most wedding photographers offer multiple wedding photography prices and packages to choose from. When you research, you will find that there is a vast difference in the prices of different photographers. In most cases, the quotes vary on basis of time and skills of the photographers. You cannot simply choose a photographer who gives the cheapest quote as the photographs may not turn out the way you wanted. You need a photographer that offers quality photographs at a reasonable price. For a wedding photographer in Dublin, Konard Kubic is one of the best ones you can go for. An award winning photographer, they help you revive sweet memories from the most memorable day of your life.



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