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Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer


Has your boyfriend finally popped the question? With wedding on the cards, you surely have too much on your plate. With the destination finalized, what is the next thing you need to worry about? Well, a destination wedding photographer seems to be the next decision you need to make. Hiring a wedding photographer is a daunting task, and the search becomes even more difficult when you are planning a destination wedding. When you have spent so much time and efforts planning your wedding at an exotic, picturesque location, your pictures are going to be lifetime memories.

You put a lot of trust in your wedding photographer to click the perfect pictures. Here are few things you need to know about hiring a destination wedding photographer –

  • The biggest question is whether should hire a local photographer or not. There are a lot of benefits of hiring a photographer local to your wedding destination. They can scout before the wedding to find the best shots. They will even know spots around the place for your photoshoots. Your wedding destination may have some amazing local wedding photographers, research on them.
  • Sometimes, the resort that you have booked for your wedding may also offer their photographer. In fact, in some resorts, it is mandatory to use the resort photographer. Understand the resort’s photography policy while booking the venue. If they are offering an in-house photographer, talk to the concerned person. See their portfolio and style of capturing photos. It is always an easy decision to go with the resort photographer, but make sure that they offer quality work.
  • If you are taking a photographer along with you, remember you need to be paying for their travel and accommodation expenses and food too. These charges are usually on a per day basis. So if your wedding is a 3 day event, you need to pay the accommodation charges for 3 days. You should ask the photographer to scout for picturesque locations in their free time.
  • In case, you are unable to find a photographer at your wedding destination, it is always better to fly in the photographer from where you live. If you know any photographers, talk to them first and see if they are willing to travel. Otherwise, ask your friends and colleagues for destination wedding photographer
  • While talking to the photographer, ask him whether they will cover just the wedding or additional days too. Make sure you get the photographer to document all the fun part along with the wedding.
  • Post your requirement on online photography portals mentioning the location and date. You will have photographers contacting you directly. You can also check the list of destination wedding photographers on popular wedding planning websites and magazines.
  • Check out the website and social media pages of the photographers you are considering. Do you like their style of work? Are they creative with the photography? Shortlist photographers and ask for their budget.

Make your search for destination wedding photographers easy and less time consuming with the above tips. Hire the best wedding photographer to capture all your priceless wedding moments.


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