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Types of Product Photography

Types of Product Photography


Every product tells a story! To sell the product, you need to tell this story to your prospective customers. But how do you tell your product story? Well, this is where advertising comes into picture. One of the key elements of advertising is product photography as you will need high quality images of your product to showcase it. The photos of products instill trust, generate curiosity about product and in turn increase conversion rate of your advertising campaigns. Hiring a reliable product photographer Dublin is the first step in the process. Product photography is also important when you are planning to sell your product online.

Product photography is not just point-and-click; a lot of skills are required to capture the product story in photographs. Before you hire a product photographer Dublin, you need to know different types of product photography. This will help you understand what type of photography will best suit your products and objectives.

Here are few common types of product photography –

  • Individual Product Shot

This is the type of photograph you find on product pages as well as category pages of an online store. Individual shots are taken with the objective of capturing details of an individual product. These photographs can be taken on a white or colored background. Whether you are building an ecommerce store or simply a website, you will need individual shots of your products to add to the site. Avoid sticking to manufacturer photos, get high quality photos clicked by a product photographer.

  • 360 degree Product Photography

With 360 degree photography, you can interact with your prospective buyers. These photographs give the feel of seeing and examining the product in real life. 360 degree product photoshoots need to be done with a high quality camera as details need to be captured. You can use it as chance to show off your best features and capture customers. Though these photographs require sophisticated skills, they make a strong impression.

  • Lifestyle Photography

Advertising is not about selling a product; it is about selling a lifestyle! This makes lifestyle photography an essential part of advertising campaign. In lifestyle photography, you try to convey the associated values and use of a product along with other products. These types of product images are widely used in print advertising. You can also use lifestyle shoot photographs on online store to create a different user experience.

  • Group Shot

A group shot is the best way to show products from the same product line. It can help show diversity of your product portfolio and showcase your entire product range in a go. If you have products that are packed in different quantities, even these products can be captured in a group shot. Similarly, if the product comes in multiple color or size options, you need to show available options to the customers. You simply cannot leave the options to their imagination! Use group shot to clearly show the available choices.

By adding product photographs to your website or online store, you allow customers to see what exactly they are getting in a product. Capture the attention of your customer visually with appealing and innovative photographs of your products!


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