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Tips for Enhancing your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Tips for Enhancing your Pregnancy Photoshoot


Pregnancy is one of the most challenging yet memorable times of your life! Documenting this phase of your life with a photoshoot is a great idea. Pregnancy and baby bump shoots are the craze of the day. More and more mom-to-be are planning shoots for their maternity sessions and capturing this exciting time of their life. But, if the pregnancy photoshoot is not done right, it can be far away from flattering. You need a photographer who can properly capture the mummy curves and her pregnant belly. So, it is important to hire the best pregnancy photographer Dublin for the photoshoot.

Pregnancy brings a whole set of crazy hormones, and changes to the body. A pregnancy photoshoot should be able to capture past the stress and confusion. Here are few tips for enhancing your pregnancy photoshoot –

  • The dress you choose for your photoshoot needs to be comfortable yet attractive. Opting for a maxi dress is one of the best attire choices you can make. First and foremost, a maxi dress is comfortable and looks incredibly flattering on your pregnant belly. Also, the flowy nature of the material gives some lovely pictures and creates moment in the photographs. Wear clothes that accentuate your curves yet keep you comfortable.
  • Choosing the pose and angles directly influences the photographer. Every woman has their way of carrying through her pregnancy. You need a pregnancy photographer Dublin who understands this fact. The photographer should be able to understand what angle or pose will look flattering for you and should be willing to experiment. Right from hands on belly to couples getting close, getting clicked in a variety of poses is always a good idea.
  • Keeping it natural is the best way to keep your photoshoot stress-free and fun. Natural poses with a smile make classic shots when it comes to pregnancy photographs. Avoid too much of makeup, sparkle or glitter. Light or sheer makeup is the best choice. Remember, it is all about the experience and capturing these important moments of your life. Don’t stress about it!
  • Ask your photographer to capture some abstract shots. Abstract photoshoots draw the eye away from the belly and create a flattering effect. Stories are better captured in abstract photos as they focus on the connection between mother and unborn child.
  • Do not wait until the end of pregnancy to have a photoshoot. Getting a photoshoot done somewhere around 30 weeks is a good idea. Around this time, your belly looks round and pregnant but not too heavy. So, it will be easier for you to hold positions for a longer duration without feeling tired.
  • No matter how fat or heavy you feel, opting for a pregnancy photoshoot outdoors is always a good idea. The natural beauty of the environment makes a classic background for your photographs. The opportunities for capturing shots inside a studio are limited, so do not shy from moving outdoors. Talk to your pregnancy photographer Dublin for outdoor locations that you can choose for the photoshoot.

Remember, the pregnancy photoshoot is your time to cherish your pregnancy for life! Do not stress over it, enjoy the experience!


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