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Photo Shoot of The mum to be

It is only natural that you love your child from the moment of existence. The memories can be forever cherished through maternity photography in Dublin.

I capture a woman as her truest self. There is nothing more beautiful than the female silhouette, except the female silhouette during pregnancy. As a professional maternity photographer in Dublin I know how to capture the beauty and simplicity that all comes together to make a timeless masterpiece known as maternity photography.

I work together with my girlfriend Monica who is also photographer. She is responsible for all maternity outfits and props. She looks after the visual aspect of the Pregnancy Photography. Our approach to Maternity Photography is unusual…

The Photo Shoot can take place in the studio or on-location.

It takes usually 45min-1,5 hour. You are more than welcome to bring your partner along.



You will get 20 best photographs as files. All photographs will be post processed  and prepared as high and low resolution images.



The cost of  The Outdoor Photo Shoot is 195e 

The cost of  The Indoor Photo Shoot is 175e 

looking for maternity photographer in dublin?

When you are pregnant you can’t wait for your baby to arrive and then, before you know it you’ve had the baby and it’s all over. The reality is you are only pregnant for such a short time, although it doesn’t feel this way at the time. The best way to remember all this amazing experience that a woman or a couple goes through is to capture it with a maternity session. If you are looking for a maternity photographer in Ireland I am the right one! Photography is my passion, but specially maternity is one of the ones I love the most! I use my artistic eye and my own experience to create the best escenario to capture such a beautiful moment in life. I embody a combination of subtle posing to get you looking your best and also completely natural and candid style. I give a lot of attention to detail and I edit the pictures individually to give the most wonderful finish, to make your photo session a totally blast! As a maternity photographer based in Dublin, I am not only work locally, I have clients all over Ireland and internationally so if you are not close by I can travel to you. We can set up a Studio pregnancy photoshoot in Dublin or an outdoors pregnancy photoshoot anywhere.