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II World War Reconstruction


Reconstruction of The Battle in Wyry, South of Poland


On 19th May 2012 in Wyry-Gostynia near the Teczowa (Rainbow) Street had the place the rendering of the historical battle from September’39. 

In the “battle” participated members of historical reenactment groups representing the colors and weapons of Polish and German Armies from September’39. For example – (GRH – Grupa Rekonstukcji Historycznej means “Historical Reconstruction Group”). SRH AA7,  GRH Slask (Silesian), GRH Cytadela (Citadel), GRH 28th Regiment Kaniowkich Rifle, GRH 7th Regiment of Lublin Lancers, GRH September’39) also the replica of the Polish armored car M.34 and German antitank cannon pak 40, German tank Panzer II (replica), polish tank 7TP (made from original parts), German Pak 36 gun and polish wz.36 Bofors gun. 


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