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Güéjar Sierra in Andalusia, Spain

Güéjar Sierra in Andalusia, Spain is a village and municipality located in the province of GranadaSpain. According to the INE, it had a population of 2,988 at the start of 2010. The village is situated in the north-western part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, at an altitude of 1,088 meters. The municipality borders Pinos Genil, Dúdar, Quéntar, La Peza, Lugros, Jérez del Marquesado, Trevélez, Capileira and Monachil. Its boundary with Trevélez and Capileira runs along the highest ridge of the Sierra Nevada, and over Mulhacén, making these the three highest municipalities in peninsular Spain. The Genil and Maitena rivers rise in Güéjar.



History of Guejar Sierra

The castle of El Castillejo, the ruins of which can still be seen just above the village, was built by the Romans, but it was the Moors who settled the village after their conquest of Spain in 711, giving it the name of Qaryat Walyar. It remained in Moorish hands until 25 November 1491, when it was taken by Christian forces during the final phase of the Reconquista. In December 1499 the people of Güéjar took part in a rebellion which had in part been provoked by forced conversions, but they were defeated in January 1500. As a result, 2,500 villagers who had previously been baptized as Christians were taken to Granada and sold as slaves. 1568 saw the start of the Morisco Revolt, led by Aben Humeya, which lasted until 1571, although in Güéjar it was put down in 1569

(source: wikipedia)

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