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Gothic Species I Ireland’s Premier Gothic & Industrial Festival

Gothic Species / Ireland’s Premier Gothic & Industrial Festival and Cultural Gathering 2016 in Leitrim

SPECIES Gothic and Industrial Gathering aims to unite, involve and further evolve Ireland’s Gothic and Industrial Community

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SPECIES Gothic and Industrial Gathering

SPECIES is classed as a ‘boutique’ festival gathering, which means it has small stages that host a wealth of emerging talent from across the Gothic & Industrial genre. This talent is from all over Ireland helping to bring music lovers and musicians together at a grass roots level, to support their favorite acts and friends and share their music with a targeted audience and introduce the genre to others. We believe it benefits individual artists and musicians to showcase their talent alongside acts from across Ireland who are open to collaboration, networking and skill sharing. Gaining a new platform in a friendly and encouraging environment to perform their music with the potential to foster collaborations and networking in order to seek gigs and opportunities further afield.

It is not just musicians that SPECIES aims to support. The visual artists involved have a platform though SPECIES to promote their works to a targeted Gothic and alternative audience over the space of the event. We believe SPECIES can create new dialogues across the Gothic and Industrial arts community merging visual, performance and music collaborations further creating a solidarity between the local and national artists involved.

The first SPECIES was held during May bank holiday weekend 2015 in Leitrim’s mystical Iron Mountains, a location of equal distance to Dublin, Galway and Belfast that served as a nexus for the SPECIES gathering opening up the tranquility and wilderness of the West to these major creative hubs of intercity Ireland. The event took shape as a two day camping weekend of live visual art, music, performance and Dj’s. That catered to approximately 100 artists and guests. As an event in its infancy we are pleased with the turn out from the Irish Gothic and Industrial community at large. We saw host to some amazing talent from across Ireland all of which are now profiled here in the Artists section on our Gothic Species website

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