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Choosing the Perfect Event Photographer

You are being entrusted the job of organizing an event. Now, that’s a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders and you feel like running away from the place. But, there is no way you can leave your job and your newly acquired responsibility. Well, one of the easiest things to do is planning the essential things required for a successful event. Firstly, you need to choose a venue. Depending on the number of guests, decide the venue. Then comes decoration; there is no point spending too much money on decoration. I would suggest go for a minimalistic yet elegant decoration. There are other things to decide as well – food, beverages, lighting, host of the evening, and most importantly an event photographer. Now, that is another daunting task for any event organizer. Until you know someone, it is a fairly challenging job to get hold of an experienced good event photographer.


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If you have an event in Dublin and you are looking for the best commercial photographer, you can have a quick look at my work. I have been working on many venues– capturing photos of weddings, festivals, corporate events, culture and music events and more.  Today, I stand as one of the leading photographers in Dublin known for my style, personality and of course photographs.

Naturally, for an event organizer, hiring a good photographer means I will be able to capture moments as they happen naturally and in an unobtrusive manner without disturbing the flow of the event. The guests, the host and the VIPs must not be disturbed. As a true professional, an event photographer in Dublin capture endless number of images that require least editing and touch ups.

My images are full of emotion, naturalness, sensitivity, melancholy, and nostalgia. I use different digital and classic techniques to achieve the final result. My work is not something that you can’t relate to. It is very much real with a closer reflection of reality.

As a best commercial photographer in Dublin I will capture every frame carefully after thorough study and selection. My photographs are more meaningful representation of your lives and inspire you.

I am a dynamic photographer always eager to try out new ways of capturing events, music and cultural festivals as they happen throughout the year in Dublin and in other parts of Ireland. As a good photographer I will use cutting edge equipment and have a friendly, engaging attitude and loads of expertise to make a shoot fun-filled and completely stress free. To hire the best event photographer in Dublin, call me today!


With over 15 years experience working with children and families, and been one of the best familly event and portrait photographers in Dublin, Ireland, I provided with the best skills a beautiful and creative photography to record your child’s christening or baptism in Ireland, Dublin and UK. A Christening or Baptism is an extraordinary occasion and is usually considered to be the big day of a young child that’s why its very important to choose the best Christening photographer for this very special moment. I work to ensure that the images reflect the events on the day providing the best quality services. I attend the ceremony and will discreetly capture all the emotion and important memories and moments of the event. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a secular naming ceremony or a more traditional Greek christening ceremony,i work with you in order to achieve the best possible christening photography results.

The first communion is a first step in a children life which holds several purposes. It is the first important event the in the life of any child, it acts as a platform that to begin a life with good characteristics that acts as a milestone in a child life. The very first event of a child life holds a special importance in the hearts of parents, which compels them to capture every single moment. As soon as the event date is decided, parents and near family members hunt for the experienced professional who captured the first communion portrait photography extremely well.

If you are sailing in the same boat looking for the best photographer, how will you begin your search? What factors you are considering to look for an experienced professional? What are your requirements? How will you find out he is the best? To get the best, you need to search and to search you need to begin. But, if you are confused from where to begin your search, this blog will help you. By the end of this blog, you will be confident choosing the best photographer who will be ready to take the finest first communion photography.

In the digital age of photography, anybody can take a picture with high-end cameras that looks good in all dimensions. While today’s camera can able to get the okay picture, still you will lose the finest expression that differs from the perfect picture with normal one. Hence, in all aspects it is important to look for a professional who have years of experience and expertise to capture every fine moments with his camera. The ideal way to search for a professional who can get you perfect graduation portrait photography is by going through his portfolio. Your hunt for the best stops here, because a right portfolio is enough to judge the capability of a person.

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