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Konrad Kubic is a Dublin based photographer specializing in photography for architects and the architectural products industry, interior design, commercial spaces, and the hospitality industry.

Architectural photography is typically created from either the exterior views of buildings, or in the interior of buildings. The techniques I used in each of these types of photography are similar, but do have some difference and sometimes require different equipment.

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Exterior Photography


Exterior architectural photography usually takes advantage of available daylight, or if performed at night, uses ambient light from adjacent street lights, landscape lights, exterior building lights, moonlight and even twilight present in the sky in all but the darkest situations. In many cases, the landscaping surrounding a building is important to the overall composition of a photograph, and even necessary to communicate the aesthetic harmony of a building and its environment. As an architectural photographer I will often include flowers, trees, fountains or statues in the foreground of a composition, taking advantage of their ability to help lead the eye into the composition and to its main subject, the building.