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Things About Lifestyle Photography You Must Know

Things About Lifestyle Photography You Must Know

Though lifestyle photography has been around for decades, it has come into limelight only in the past few years. But, there is a lot of confusion surrounding lifestyle photography and what it is. An important part of advertising, lifestyle photography aims to document and capture real life events, milestones, situations and more in an artistic manner. Lifestyle photography involves people as well as portrait photography. Lifestyle photography, especially portrait photography can be quite challenging, as not every face is photogenic. When you are a lifestyle photographer in Dublin, you are often asked about the services you provide. Well, you need to explain that lifestyle photography captures raw emotions and events, fleeting moments that you wish to capture and cherish forever. Perfect exposure, nice composition, balance of colors, proper position of your subject and many other things go into an ideal lifestyle photoshoot.

Lifestyle photography as a concept is still not clear among majority of people. Here are few basics of lifestyle photography people should be aware of –

  • Lifestyle photography can be done in a studio or outdoors. In both the places, lighting plays an important role in achieving the perfect photograph. You need lighting style that complements you model or object that you are shooting. Always try to shoot in a natural environment.
  • You need to know different lighting styles like one light portrait, butterfly portrait, headshot lighting and more. Each of these styles has a different effect on a photograph. So, make sure you understand what type of photograph you are looking for.
  • It is important to make a connection with your subject. Having a connection with the subject brings ease into the process and makes the shoot even more fun and relaxing. You can familiarize yourself with the interests and passion of your subject to make a connection. If you are shooting a group, ask the group about activities they enjoy doing together and plan the shoot accordingly.
  • Research well and pat special attention to lifestyle photographs clicked by your peers. It will help you learn a lot and also understand how you can improve your work.
  • While it is always beneficial to stay prepared and planned, sometimes having no plan is the best plan. When you do not plan a photoshoot, it is possible to click your subjects in their natural environment and expressions. Even if you have planned your photoshoot, always be ready for the unexpected. Things just happen when you are together or in a group and you will get opportunities to click some memorable photos.
  • You need the right equipment and skillset to click photographs that capture emotions. A perfectly captured photograph shows the reality of life of people in that photograph.

It is difficult to find a lifestyle photographer with an extensive knowledge of lifestyle photography. But, the trend of lifestyle photography is here to stay. So go ahead and develop

your signature style in lifestyle photography. Don’t opt for a certain way of shooting photographs just because someone else is doing it that way. Create your own style and brand, and let people come to you!

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