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How to Improve Interior Photography

How to Improve Interior Photography


Interior photography can be quite tricky! Homeowners invest a lot of time and efforts in making their dream home, so capturing the right essence is the key. Interior photography is not just about running around the home and capturing shots, it requires quite a lot of skills. Each home has a story to tell and a personality to express, and the photographer should be able to capture it in the picture. From multiple light setups to great angles, small details can make your interior photography stand out from the crowd. For interiors photographer Dublin, quality of photos make an impression and you need to know how to make a lasting one.

Here are few tips that you need to know for improving interior photography –

  • Invest in a Tripod – Interior photography requires a lot of equipment like wide lens camera, cables and more. Along with these, first and foremost you need to invest in a good tripod. With a tripod, you can move around the house and shoot objects. Few interior photographer Dublin feel that tripod slows their speed down. But remember, if you want to focus on the shot, you need a tripod.
  • Lighting – One of the biggest challenges in interior photography is shooting with natural light. So, it is important to create the proper lighting situation. If you are attempting to set a particular mood in the photography, adjusting lighting is important. Natural light photography is ideal as colors appear clean and fresh. But you never know when the sun will be harsh or when it will be cloudy. You cannot simply depend on natural light for interior photography.
  • Angles –The angle of shot can make or break your picture. This is one factor that can differentiate between inexperienced and experienced interior photographers Dublin. To get the right angle of photograph, remember that your camera should always be at a level. For example if you are clicking a wall or something vertical, make sure the horizontals and verticals are lined up properly before you click. A proper angle can add a dramatic effect to your photography, but make sure you don’t overdo it.
  • Editing – No matter how good the click is, a photograph may require editing. But, photographers make a common mistake of overdoing editing. Do not over edit your photographs as natural looking photographs are the best. A photographer should be able to make the judgment call when it comes to editing.
  • Wide angle shots – When you are shooting a room, wide angle shots are the best. Wide angle shot does not mean that you sit in one corner of the room and cover the other 3 corners. Try to shoot from one or two point perspectives to get the best shot. Avoid trying to center the corner in a frame.

When it comes to interior photography, understanding of the shot is most important. The better quality of images you capture, higher is the price you can demand. It is all about getting the right shot, and this is exactly what will make you stand out from the crowd


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