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Different Types of Headshot Photography

 Different Types of Headshot Photography

There are several occasions in a corporate company where you need a proper photograph of your employees. From adding your team members on the website to putting a team photograph in an annual magazine, you need professional shots of your team. A traditional or portrait photographer may not serve the purpose. This is where you need a headshot photographer Dublin. A headshot is type of photograph where the focus is on the face of the person posing for the photograph. There is a significant difference between portrait and headshot photography styles. Headshot photography is basically close-up photograph of a person that can be used on your website, marketing material, annual literature and other occasions in corporate environment.

Headshot photography is the most common type of corporate photography. But, by using a little creativity and imagination, it is possible to make your headshot images more appealing and intuitive. Here are few popular headshot photography types you need to know of –

  • Background

When clicking headshot photographs, the background plays an important role. The most classic form of headshot photography is taking the photograph with a white background. But if you want to add a new element to your photograph, move ahead from white background. Headshot photographs clicked with a colored background. To make sure the photograph looks professional, you can choose light grey or similar color in background. If you are getting the photoshoot done in your office, the natural office background is also an ideal choice. A brick wall or a colored office wall makes a great choice for headshots.

  • Individual or Group

There is a common misconception among people that headshot photograph are only for individuals. Well, that’s not true. You can get headshot photos of your entire staff, specific teams or groups. While discussing your requirements with a headshot photographer Dublin, let them know the purpose behind these photographs.

  • Plain Professional or Glamour

Headshot photography can be glamourous too! Adding glamour photographs of your team on your website talks a lot about the culture and environment of your company. A glamor headshot can be used on your marketing materials too. The photograph should reflect the personality of the person posing in front of the camera.

  • Black and White or Colored

In case of headshot photography, you have the option of getting the picture clicked in black and white too. Adding a black and white photo of every team member on the website is a great way of showcasing your team. Depending on the purpose of the shots, you need to choose between colored and Black and White photographs.

  • Environmental

When the photograph is clicked in the natural environment of the person, it is termed as environmental photography style. If you are clicking a chef, this type of headshot will be taken in the kitchen or for an employee, the location may be his desk. Presence of working surrounding adds emphasis to the character of the person.

Headshot photography captures the personality and essence of the person posing for the photograph. They can be simple, clean or dramatic depending on your requirement. So, discuss with your needs with a headshot photographer Dublin to get the right results from the photoshoot.


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