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              I was born in 02.06.1979 in Poland. The same day and hour when pope John Paul II was landing for the first time in his own land after he become Pope. What a difficult time that was. I have come to live in Ireland twelve years ago from Tychy in the south of Poland near the coalmining district of Katowice.. Graduated in High School of Management and Social Sciences in Tychy and School of Graphic Design for photographers in Katowice. Eighteen years ago photography became my passion. Few years later photography started to be for me the way of life as it turned to be my profession.

               Back in Poland I was working for two years as a press photographer for the weekly newspaper in my hometown. I was involved in many cultural and music events as an organizer and photographer. I am currently living and creating in Dublin City as a freelance photographer. My photographs characterizes diversity forms of messages and strong contrasts like happiness-sadness, simplicity-complication,… The images are full of emotion, naturalness, sensitivity, melancholy, nostalgia and consideration. I use different digital and classic techniques to achieve the final result in my images. But the image as a message doesn’t change. Common denominator of my photos is a pursuit of the unattainable and evanescent.

                I work in many areas of photography including: street photography, reportage, documentary, travel, landscapes, city landscapes, music and culture events as an Event Photographer Dublin. I explore and document derelict buildings and abandoned places all over Europe. Big parts of my work constitute commercial photography like Weddings, PR and Media, Corporate and Private events, Portraits, headshots Dublin, Music Bands, Interiors, Architecture, Lifestyle and more.

              My photos not only describe reality as is, they had became art, which intrigues and initiates closer reflection. Every frame you will see was carefully selected and studied. I invite you for a journey through unknown outskirts of time and space and deep observations of human being. I wish this journey to bring something meaningful into your lives and to inspire you.



Wedding photojournalism



Studio lightning

Image editing


1st Prize Award – Street Photography Category – Digital Photography SLR (UK)

2nd Prize Award – Portraits Category – Photography Monthly (UK)

3rd Prize Award – Interiors Category – Interiors Magazine (USA)

2nd Prize Award – Landscape Category – Lens Magazine (GER)

2nd Prize Award – Lifestyle Children Portrait – Photo Mofo Magazine (SWE)

3rd Prize Award – Best Portrait Image – Photo Pro (NL)

Distinction for the Reportage (Reconstruction of The II World War in Wyry) (PL)

Distinction for Best Image – Abandoned Places – Space Magazine (NL)

Featured many times on for outstanding Wedding Photojournalism

Nominated for Mrs2Be the Bride’s Choice Awards

Finalist for the Mrs2Be Bride’s Choice Awards

Official photographer for Wedding Journal Show in Dublin


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Wedding Photography


 Commercial, Photojournalism,
Landscape, Reportage, Travel
and Documentary Photography


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Bring back sweet memories into your life

            Photographs bring unforgettable memories into your life. Those sweet memories revived past moments and melodies again play in the screen of your mind through the photographs. It is an art of expression.The one that makes people relinquish their lives whenever they have a look at them. People love to recall sweet memories, sweet moments and cherish them. Those precious moments brings a little smile that can be seen only when you slip back to your past days. The delicate and dedicated art requires a professional approach and attitude. The liveliness of the face, the sweetest smile lingering wet with the honey dipped moments is worth watching.

               Again the credit goes to photographer who made all this possible. Dedication and love is not enough to show the efforts spent on clicking a photograph. It is only one thing we think, we love and we show that we live through our photography. As Photographers in Dublin we know our responsibility and managing to cater all types of services to our esteemed customers. Inspired through the photojournalism, transition through the freelance photography is not an easy journey. Nurtured by nature and inspired by nature, photography boost up the creativity and skill to explore the nature. The personal thrust and passion indulged in adventurous wanderlust motivate to move further to explore the different arenas of photography.

           Being commercial photographers in Dublin hands on experience in almost all fields of photographymade us popular in commercial photography. A well created picture or an image expresses everything that words cannot express efficiently. The strong contrast and inadvertent feelings expressed in its innate sense enhance the quality and demand for an image clicked at the right moment. People love to watch them as they themselves are not aware of such moments caught in celluloid showcasing the beauty of those moments which will never come back again. A click missed is chance missed for the lifetime.

           Working as a professional photographer, Ireland clicking the amazing photographs of those moments of sadness, happiness, mixed feelings and emotions, naturalness and nostalgia and a wide variety of expressions always inspiring and motivating to excel in this profession. Prestigious awards won through the years in different categories are the results of years of struggle for perfection. The attitude combined with passion and commitment towards the profession is the binding force that stood out and paid out at last bringing the expected results. Essential features of great photographs are understood thoroughly with the profound compassion and integrity.

               To capture candid moments, keen interest and observation is necessary for a photographer and this patience makes that every click of the camera to produce great pictures. Such pictures directly connect with the hearts of people and Yes! Those are the finest images which are ever produced and that captures the heart of those connected and viewers.

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